Lower School, Winter 2020


Skyler is about to turn 12, and she’s planned the biggest celebration of the year. But in the middle of the party, something mysterious happens – all the adults suddenly vanish! Trapped in the backyard, the kids realize they must create a brand new society. However when they elect Skyler’s older brother, Charlie, as their ruler, things really begin to spin out of control. Eventually the kids learn a big lesson in responsibility, while Skyler and Charlie develop a greater respect for one another.


Act I
Narrator Liam Wathen
Skyler Siena Gambino
Charlie Anaiya Shah
Kurt Gavin Marcy
Toby Pablo Bautista
Reese Tyler Phillips
Kai Shelby Weisel
Lily Lillian Cho
Quinn Samantha Mizhen
Eli Mason Hauben
Jo Olive Miller
Emery Alex Strug
Gail Olive Miller
Wolf Liam Wathen
Act II
Narrator Avery Gingold
Skyler Marta Larini
Charlie Jaxon Grayson
Lucky Amelia Marra
Cameo Priya Dohil
Joy Camila Pajares
Phoenix Avery Gingold
Reese Mason Dietz
Pim Grayson McEvoy
Quinn Ollie Mansfield
Eli Jimi Kulig
Jo Charlie Mehta
Felix Derrick McMahon
Gail Amelia Marra
Wolf Ollie Mansfield
Narrator Samantha Tillman
Skyler Alicia Leung
Charlie Alex Burgoyne
Lucky Gracie Hillenmeyer
Cameo Ana Failla
Joy Anika Rizvi
Phoenix Samantha Tillman
Reese Linus Grabowski
Pim Reid Clark
Kurt James Gingold
Toby Charlie Hendrickson
Kai Bennett Smith
Logan Tristan Gemelli
Gail Ana Failla
Wolf Linus Grabowski

Production Team

Director Amy Darnton
Music Director Cara Grimaldi
Choreographer Jenn Segovia
Accompanist Brian Miller
Costumes Lori Palma
Lighting Margo Caddell
Sound Tim Folster
Set Construction Jamie LaJoie
Program Art Camilia Pajares
Adults Backstage Betsy PaceyLisa DeGirolamiColleen Gover

Special Thanks

Play Parents: Sandy Burgoyne and Darunee Gambino. All of the Grade 5 Parents.


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